Rail Car Assembly

railcar factory

Southern Division was awarded the contract for the Rail Car Assembly Plant in Alabama.

Cives Steel Company Southern Division to fabricate 19,000 tons and to deliver and erect in a 17 week period.

The Railcar Manufacturing Facility is located in Northern Alabama just outside of Mussel Shoals. The facility will manufacture railcars of all types once it goes on line in 2009. One of the largest structures that Southern Division has ever done, being 400' to 600' wide and 4,800' Long. Total tonnage will exceed 20,000 tons and will have over 2 million square feet of roof deck and over 40,000 linear feet of elevated crane rails and girders to support overhead cranes in the facility. In addition to the large size of the structure, the schedule is extremely aggressive, calling for an erection start mid February 2008 and having the three main areas completely erected and turned three and a hlf months later. To accomplish this very fast track schedule, Southern Division sublet portions of the work to our Mid South Facility in Mississippi along with several other shops in order to get enough fabricated to deliver 19,000 tons of steel in a 17 week period, averaging over 60 truckloads arriving per week at the jobsite and supporting four different erection cranes and crews.