Seeing is Believing

Cives Steel is an industry leader in developing and implementing cutting edge technology in the detailing and modeling segment of the construction process, including the ability to partner with multi-level construction project participants using the latest in Building Information Modeling (BIM)as well as Integrated Project Management (IPM) concepts. BIM enables project participants to virtually construct models of the entire construction project in 3D, by integrating timelines into the model itself. "This innovative technology can be used on a multitude of projects to assist in design, verify constructability, facilitate coordination with other trades, and identify potential conflicts." Cives Steel's strong track record with BIM enables us to maximize efficiency in the shop and the field, with respect to construction project utilizing BIM."When the structural steel model is incorporated into the BIM master model, a well-detailed model emerges, both accurate and manageable."A virtual presentation of the completed structural frame is revealed before the first piece of steel is shipped, potentially saving significant time and money. You can count on Cives Steel to be an active member of any project's BIM team.