Cives Engineering Corporation (CEC)

3700 Mansell Road
Suite 500
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Tel: 770.993.4424
Fax: 770.998.2361

Cives Engineering Corporation (CEC) provides client support through consultation, value-engineering, and connection design. In conjunction with the engineering staff and capabilities at each Division, CEC ensures all designs and fabrication requirements are met.

CEC owns licenses for BIM packages including Navisworks, Revit, SDS/2, and TEKLA. Additionally, CEC holds licenses for structural analysis design packages including Bentley and CSI products. CEC also publishes their own proprietary connection design and checking software allowing CEC to ensure that our computer-aided design tools are always current, and coded to maximize safety and economy. Our custom output calculations are clear and concise, significantly reducing review time during the approval process.

Brian Volpe, PE, SE is Chief Engineer for CEC. Brian has a breadth of steel industry experience starting early on in his career. He has consulted and been in responsible charge of numerous complex structures including high rise, super high rise, long span, industrial, aviation, healthcare and commercial facilities. Brian’s experience with developing economic fabrication along with consulting with various fabricators and erectors across the globe makes him a key asset to Cives Steel and Cives Engineering Company. Brian is the recipient of the 2011 ENR Top 20 under 40 professionals as well as being named as the ASCE Michigan Young Engineer of the year award in 2006.

Cives Engineering also proudly retains the consulting services of Dr. William A. Thornton, P.E. Dr. Bill is the recipient of the 1995 AISC T.R. Higgins award, the 2003 AISC Lifetime Achievement award, and was inducted into the 2013 class of the National Academy of Engineers.

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