Our History

Over 60 years of Success

Since 1952, Cives has been true to the vision laid by our founder, John Rouse. Mr. Rouse realized early that surrounding himself with talented, educated people only made his company better. He surrounded himself with young people, whom he trusted and to whom he delegated responsibility; always standing by whenever needed.

Mr. Howard E. Lechler, a young engineer working for Rouse Construction and a professor at Clarkson University was the man whom Mr. Rouse delegated the task of starting a steel fabrication business. Though they had no experience in steel fabrication they forged ahead guided by two principles, produce a high quality product and deliver it on time, yielding “A JOB WELL DONE”. Their steadfast commitment to quality and engineering excellence was the highest priority.

Mr. Lechler’s initial shop was a small (40’x45’) concrete block building, just outside of the town of Gouverneur, NY. From this original makeshift shop Mr. Lechler expanded Cives into a national leader in steel fabrication, by adding six additionional fabrication facilities. These facilities are strategically located throughout the US, allowing Cives to be your local fabricator and the right fabricator for any size project.

Today that commitment remains within each and every employee, and will continue to do so long into the future. Cives is an employee-owned company, thus ensuring all stay true to our founder’s vision of delivering excellence and exacting precision in all that we do.